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Conference on Music and the Brain - Seoul, Korea

Welcome to the International Conference on Music and the Brain

The Korean Music Therapy Association will host an innovative conference for music therapy, titled Music and the Brain. We invite you to be a part of this important conference in July, 2013. Send us your proposal now on how music therapy could be an innovative intervention for treating a wide range of diseases and disabilities. We look forward to having you in Seoul, Korea in 2013.

Call for Papers

Please send an electronic copy to

o Title of presentation: (12 words maximum). 
o Abstract: (50 words maximum; appropriate for inclusion in conference program booklet) Must be written in English. 
o Type style and fonts: Times Roman should be used in 12 -point, non-boldface type. 
o Description: 300 words maximum providing sufficient information concerning the proposal for the reviewers to ...evaluate its suitability for this conference. o Official language: English
o Presenter name(s) and affiliation(s): Please list your credentials as you would like them to appear in the program.
o Contact information: Name, address, telephone, and email of one contact person. 
o Mini biography of presenters: (30 words maximum per person). 
o Audio/visual needs: (VCR/DVD Monitor, Audio equipment and LCD Projectors for Power Point presentations;..will be available to the presenters free of charge). 
o Instruments needed: Limited instruments will be available at the conference.;..(Please indicate the specific instruments needed so that we can accurately attempt your request).;..Indicate the type of presentation (select only one)
o Paper (45 minutes): Oral presentation of written material (90% didactic, 10% experiential). 
o Roundtable (1.5 hours): Presentation regarding similar subject matter. Group discussion. 
o Workshop (2 hours): Individual(s) engaging participants in a process to gain experience and mastery over the;..material covered. (20% didactic, 80% experiential). 
o Poster sessions: Groups or individuals presenting information concerning research projects via poster display 
o Content level: Introductory, Intermediate, or Advanced (Please indicate one.)

* The Scientific committee will assess the most appropriate format of the presentation categories.
* We will send you a confirmation email within three days of receiving. If you dont receive our confirmation email, ;..then would you please notify us by using a different email address:

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